The search for new forms and deep study of human anatomy led to the symbiosis of forms between styles of different times.

The culture conversion of past and present produced thoughts on the creation of unearthly ‘moon style’.

We are engaged in research and development in the field of clothing design, sculpture, art, and architecture.

The team which consists of artists, designers, and experts from different visual spheres altogether creates new trends and future products within the brand.

We create clothes as a second covering for the body specifically designed for the comfort of ‘earthlings’ – people who are ‘carriers’ of these clothes

While creating these second coverings, we pay special attention to textile and its properties, and anatomical shaping serves as the basis for supporting the human body.

We are LUNIQOM we came to this world for contemplation of the lunar energies.

‘Get dressed for the future, wear in the present’.

Luniqom. Created on the Moon...